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Spay Day 2015

125 Animals were sterilized!  Go Team NicaVets!
Once again, NicaVets will participate in World Spay Day this year in Rivas, Rivas, Nicaragua! 

Participants included Stephen Aguilar, Alejandra Zeledon, Eliezer Isaac Lacayo Soto, Diana Argüello, Jose Antonio Gomez Campos, Jasson Figueroa, Nahyma Amador, Francisco Fonseca, Lisbeth Uriarte, Adin Morales Lopez, Calero Mariel, Ricardo Duarte Jimenez, Jenifer Daviccini and Faran Dometz.
News & Events 2015
January 20th to The RAAS Project 2015
NicaVets in a joint project with R-VETS once again traveled to the Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur (Southern Atlantic Autonomous Region) for two weeks of clinics.  Volunteers from Nicaragua, Mexico, Germany, and the United States all worked together to provide care for a multitude of different species!  GO TEAM!!!!
NicaVets very first photo
March 8, 2011. A great day in the history of veterinary medicine for the country of Nicaragua. What a team! A group of super dedicated Nicaraguans working for Nicaraguans!
NicaVets first clinic
September 14, 2011. The NicaVets crew prepares to put on its very first clinic.  This is the start of great things!
World Spay Day February 27th & 28th 2012!
NicaVets with the support of WorldVets celebrated World Spay Day (promoted by the the Humane Society International) by holding a spay/neuter clinic in Granada at World Vets Latin American Veterinary Training Center, where they performed surgery on 161 dogs and cats (70 females dogs, 39 male dogs, 39 female cats, 13 male cats) This team rocks!

This took a lot of effort, thanks to everyone for supporting us........
Little Corn Island July 9, 2013
February 23rd 2014
NicaVets in conjunction with Fundación Vida once again celebrated World Spay Day with a spay/neuter clinic, this year held in Masaya, Nicaragua. Twenty-six volunteers donated their time and expertise to spay and neuter over 100 dogs and cats 
August 10th to 20th 2012.   The RAAS Project
NicaVets & R-VETS join forces for the RAAS Project to service communities in the Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur (Southern Atlantic Autonomous Region) A diverse group of volunteers traveled together for a rough ride on rough roads (and wet!) for what seemed like endless hours.  It was well worth it to be a part of the start of a great program.  Volunteers from Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, Spain and the United States all worked together to make the clinic a success, and the first of many! What a learning experience for all involved.
Big Corn Island July 2012
A team of volunteers from Casa Lupita & NicaVets treated over 500 animals including 160 surgeries!
January 17th to 29th 2013.  The RAAS Project 
NicaVets & R-VETS join forces once again for the RAAS Project to service communities in the Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur (Southern Atlantic Autonomous Region) 
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News & Events 2011, a year of firsts!
January 20th to 31st 2014, The RAAS Project

September 2014, Tola, Rivas
Spay neuter event, surgery for 65 animals 
August 2014, El Suace, Chinandegas
Spay neuter event, surgery for 50 animals 
September 28th 2012.  World Rabies Day
Thank you to all of you who helped fund this years spay day event!
August 2014, El Sauce, Chinandega
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Students from St. George´s university