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Casa Lupita
Casa Lupita is a veterinary practice run entirely by the volunteers of NicaVets where locals can bring their animals for veterinary care and spay neuter services.  It is located in Granada, Nicaragua.  
NicaVets has been a part of Casa Lupita from the start, and today is entirely responsible for running and staffing the clinic.  The group has skilled surgeons who are also experienced teachers.  They train students from both inside and outside of Nicaragua using quality anesthesia and sound surgical techniques.  

The clinic is open Thursday mornings for medical consults and Fridays for surgery.  Surgery patients are admitted to the hospital between 8:00 and 9:00 AM on Fridays.  A normal surgery day involves 10 to 15 patients.  The clinic is set up to provide oxygen and inhalation anesthesia.
Casa Lupita is located at primera entrada los Mangos Reparto Santa Isabel Casa #5, Granada, Nicaragua (the first entrance to the Mangos, off of Paseo de Los Mangos)

NicaVets offers training to veterinary students and veterinarians at the Casa Lupita facility.  If you are a student and would like the opportunity to work with the dedicated team at Casa Lupita, go to the application page  and submit an application. We would love to work with you!